May 2015 

A computer was stolen from Stratking from a California property. The PC contained evidence to fraud Las Vegas BlackJack Video machines. Other evidence to "online casino" fraud was also stolen five years back from Stratking.  Counters beware, stalkers & theft among particular counters have been reported common in the past. 

* * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, News, Content, speeches , etc. and share, use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not Stratking's or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! ****

Attention California & U.S Gambling Public! News From Major named California &
Las Vegas Casinos are Cheating at Blackjack!

So if you thought your chances to beat Las Vegas Cheating "Gaming" city think again.
Cheating casino techniques includes dealer card manipulation, trick cards, and assailant attacks with RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring or other similar electronic harassment, electronic assault equipment.  This is authorized information from Owner of is a World History top professional Card Counter who been playing professional Blackjack and investigating the gambling industry throughout the United States and around the World online casinos for more than 20 years. 

Warn all family, friends, loved ones, whoever. Beware: The "Gaming Industry" In the United States are highly actively involved in illegal "Gaming" Cheating Fraud, and have been over the past century. If you think impossible and to trust the United States Government to secure, protect you and prevent you falling victim to this crime think again. Major "Gaming" names including the "MGM" Grand Casino of Las Vegas where investigated and found running multi-million dollar Blackjack cheating operations, schemes over the past decade alone. No you can't trust the famous "old fashioned Binion's ("World Poker") of Las Vegas neither. 

Once in a while as published a Casino found Cheating, illegal schemes, money laundering etc. and portrayed as brought to justice, though the crimes continues consistently throughout the "Gaming" industry. Most likely, "caught", a publicized "prop", "a casino was found running a "cheating ring", cheating operations. (?) *Publicized to fool the public to believe this is rare and not to worry as it's all secure. Don't fall for this as it's not secure, trustworthy and never were. Casino cheating "gaming" fraud is consistent throughout the entire nation from popular Indian Casino names such Foxwoods Connecticut, Las Vegas, New Jersey, California, My recent vist Palm Springs California (*Aqua Coliente very bad), Mississippi, everywhere, etc. 

Stratking has also known several Casino dealers who have gave testimony and demonstration to their cheating skills at the game of Blackjack this includes pitch games & trick cards in rigged 8 deck shoe etc. Witness, testifying, Dealers are from Foxwoods, Binion's Las Vegas, Former Aladen Las Vegas.

Many victims are cheated ruthlessly out of their lives, life savings, business funds, recreational, vacation funds (a waste which may cost your life), inheritance etc. Professionals included are cheated ruthlessly as well including illegal Gaming industry harassment, stalking and murder. Due to cheating fraud & scandal Professional & career pursuers totally robbed out life, career, large sum investments and years of hard study and work gone to complete waste. They're not protected from the "Gaming fraud" nor compensated. This includes Blackjack card-counters, poker professionals, race book (horses racing) professionals, other. 

* does not endorse nor recommend "Gaming" for entertainment, vacation parties, other etc. *Warning "any" participants, U.S citizens, police, government officials involved in  "Gaming" gambling entertainment including vacationers, honeymooners, personal & non personal parties & affairs, celebrities & their networks, other "entertainment" promoters, etc, commercial advertisers, Mc Donald's, *gravy train dog food (if), Coke a Cola etc. Can & will be held guilty (as criminal), liable, legally prosecuted for & to endorse, promote, advertise, honor, participate in the as known "Gaming Industry", Las Vegas & "Gaming", gambling world elsewhere.

Similar close enough statement by Expert Blackjack player & Expert mathematical analysts of Blackjack:
Peter Griffin author of "The Theory of Blackjack" *"the casinos of Las Vegas cheated the hell out of him. States he knows he was cheated..

Though the horrible news as published here and elsewhere many players still enjoy the Gaming world.. Stratking
 See for more and other information pertaining to United States corruption & it's out-law world of. 

                                                            Copyright 2015


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