Matrix per each six month interval

Read all agreement and terms

Profit                                                 Send

$50,000.00 $7,500.00

30% 50k or more per six month interval

15% under 50k per six month interval

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When it comes to the cheating "gaming" industry if you're going to try anyway to win at games where "no one wins" you probably want all the power you can gain and put to use.   

You're at the right place!.. Stratking is beating "the Cheat"

The Terrorist Strategy leaves all the popular best known counting strategies left standing flimsy, and extremely weak compared.

​Now we can take the gaming industry ("House") down!
Once Stratking receives $300,000.00 all profits are yours!
Make 10 million and you keep $9,700,000. 

            Revere APC  vs  Stratking Terrorist


*Students and low income individuals with total yearly income only amounting to $15,000.00 or less (including cost of free food and other such as car, room and board, loans, help from family and others etc.). Send proof of income Tax and/or government assistance statements and self letter stating the information you provide is true and your total yearly income is under 15k for initial 30% discount off original purchase. Offer does not include breaks on Matrix payments and agreement. Send information to

​Law enforcement including F.B.I and other law enforcement who want to use the Terrorist Strategy soley for Casino investigations purposes contact

Is the strategy hard to learn ?  click here

Students & low income receive *30% off 

Initial down payment purchase of $1000. gets you the Stratking Terrorist Strategy delivered to your email address. Must read all terms and agreement and agree to be bound and legally bound to all terms & agreement before making any purchase from Stratking. There are no refunds! If you do not agree than do not purchase. Thank you.

Initial down payment purchase of $1000. gets you the Stratking Terrorist Strategy delivered to your email address. Must read all terms and agreement and agree before making any purchase from Stratking. There are no refunds!

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contact phone 323-301-9741

with any questions and to verify orders.

Send confirmation email for purchase. Thank you.

Initial down payment purchase $1000.

Stratking Terrorist advantage compared to popular KO and Omega 2 Strategies.

KO & Omega 2   vs   Stratking Terrorist


***** Read, use and share all information on at your own risk, discretion and liabilities or don't read at all. *****

Revere vs Stratking

When using  Stratking Terrorist as a single player and paying the Matrix you still gain way more advantage vs  Revere APC​ 

If you thought to use two Revere players vs two Stratking players (and paying the Matrix) your way further ahead with Stratking Terrorist.  So better wise and worth  the extra $800. down and paying the Stratking Matrix. 

Stratking wins the competition!


Stratking is the power over all strategies because it detects way more winning hands, detects more betting opportunities, has lower wagering loss deviation and requires less bankroll. More precision playing and betting accuracy!

Additionally Strattking vs. the other strategies  will detect Casino cheating fast before your wallet and bank account are burned to ashes. 

Here's the matrix agreement and terms:

Purchasers of the Terrorist strategy who make  more than $50,000.00 profit per six month cycle promise to pay 30% up to $300,000.00.

Once  is paid in full $300,000.00 Stratking user pays nothing more and keeps 100% there after.

Payments to be made to per every six month cycle.

If user makes no profit per six month interval then no payment is due to Stratking for that specific six month interval.

Users who make under $50,000.00 per six month cycle promise to pay 15% up to $300,000.00

Not all of you will do this but I've made $1,000.000.00 (one million dollars) within 24 hours starting with only $1000.00 bankroll invested with parlay max bets placed at $15,000.00. with the Terrorist Strategy.

Matrix example: 1st year first six months you make $50,000.00 you promise to send Stratking $15,000.00 for this specific six month interval. Next six months you make $0. you then send Stratking $0. for this specific six month interval.

if you make $25,000.00 in one six month interval you then send Stratking $3,750.00 for that specific six month interval which would be %15 for profits made under $50,000.00.

Once Stratking receives total $300,000.00 Hooray! you keep all profits there after.

The strategy can be shared with only two persons per purchase.  A team of three or four is required to make at least two purchases in terms of this agreement. Two teammates pay one Matrix.

These terms and agreement do not expire. Purchasers/users promise to be bound by this agreement, terms and payment matrix. Users promise, agree not to sue nor hold and its product owners, sellers etc. responsible for any damages, losses, refunds, etc. for any reasons.

Purchase and use at your own risk, liabilities and responsibility or risk of others not including life harm caused through, related to the product , it's nature of and it's use of and  business of or don't purchase at all. There are no refunds, including law suits against Stratking's business for any reason. Among other reasons including reasons not stated: Because the nature of the product it's terms it's information and use of  etc. Stratking could be defrauded. Stratking is not insured for such liabilities. Purchasers and users must provide their own full coverage insurance if they so choose to have it (meaning to be insured on Stratkings  behalf). Purchasers and users must agree they will not hold Statking liable, responsible for anything.

Purchaser and users agree to be fully liable for their business done, through use of Stratking's products and Stratking's information (not meaning liabilities of other parties wrongful business to the Purchasers and Users of Stratking example: A Casino liable for wrongful business to Purchaser/s and User/s) and agree to be fully liable to Stratking for any wrongful business pertaining to the Purchaser and Users, as if such circumstance arise where Stratking would be held liable through, related to the Purchasers, Users and their use of and business of Stratking and Stratking products and information. Stratking has yet God power to secure and monitor crime pertaining to the nature of the product, information and it's uses, circumstances of. Who lied, who stole what, who illegally distributed, copied, shared it's information other, etc. If your not capable of using the product sufficiently sorry but there are still no refunds (read through the transfer terms of agreements).  All Stratking's terms, agreements, rules, words, statements, nature of sale, intentions, and use other, etc. binding where any and all laws apply. Terms, conditions, adjustments, fixes, website may be edited, added to without notice. Check as you wish or as necessary. Matrix likely to stay the same. If any changes all adjustments will be justified and compensated for where justified.

Strategy can not be sold nor transferred! The strategy and its information can only be shared by two persons such as friend, family member, one teammate etc. Purchaser and partner is not allowed to publish, sell, share, nor distribute the strategy and its information.

*information and any strategy updates refinements if any will be provided by sent out to users email addresses.

*Bonuses It's possible to gain more then 8% advantage with added strategy bells and whistles. Also creator is working on a Terrorist Strategy to beat the continuous shuffle games such as you find on the internet and casino video machines.

Once these are put together all my good customers who show good standing will receive these added Terrorist bonuses free of charge. Bonuses are to be kept within the terms conditions of original purchase and as part of the Terrorist Strategy.

Gas, food, hotel, lodging, cost of living etc. is not deductible when calculating profit made per six month intervals and payments due to Stratking. Though you may be able to write these deductions off on your business tax expense.

Sorry but Stratking refuses to compensate for your luxury.