Casino Crimes?

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Casinos have been cheating players at gaming since ancient history. When it comes to fraud, Las Vegas and Atlantic City are nothing new at this. From the old "Wild Wild West" alcoholic and gun fighter cheat & cheat dealt Poker games to the Glistening Magnetic Roulette Wheels of Fortune to the "Remote Controlled"- Glamorous Slot Machines of Madness. Ancient gambling racket schemes still exist today though in a very different appeal, "stealth" attire. 

Casinos as they stand today and over the past century :

Casino "Gaming" is as worse or worse than taking your hardest life valuable earned cash or life valuable cash of others to a low-life swindler, gypsy cheat "Curb-Side-Stoner" who is full of lies and outlaw disgusting deception. "Trust me I'm Jewish", it's a "Nice" car!  (*He is really Jewish by the way.. ) Don't kid yourself on the drive back home..

Blackjack is a game of swindle, cheat and lure where casinos prey and feed off players (victims) who have a "card-counting strategy" or even a lucky charm.  Note:  Simple to use card-counting strategies such as the popular Wong, KO all the way to the Revere will demonstrate amazing results while you're playing in your home (of course dealing the cards yourself). (Beware of precision trimmed and or "magic cards" used for shuffle stacking the deck/s. They have been found on the retail market..) (oh never mind, you'd never be able to tell the difference : )    )> What brand is that? Shh..     Why the Stratking Strategy?
The lure: The game can be beaten severely with a simple card counting strategy such as 1+1, or: "your odds are 50/50 if you learn "the basics", "it is the best game in the house". Sounds Great!
The cheat: Trick card-dealers, magicians and or trick cards, magic illusions and stacked rigged decks are used to give players *actual worse outcome than slot machines. Other cheating includes felon extremes of attacking players with Mind Control technologies. Really nice of these guys here.. Directed Energy Weapons. 
Video Machine cards are rigged  as "stacks" "Packs" and even remote outcome controlled cards where the assailants key in their best wishes. Some video machines will state 1 or four decks are being dealt when fact is you're up against a stealth disguised  17 or thirty decks or stacked segments, secret disguised computer sequence of cards. (you purchased a losing instant lotto ticket which were already played and lost). Is the game really Blackjack or the power-ball lotto?  Also readCasinos, Lottery fraud, the Poker ban & more

Wait a second, that horse race was already ran, that's not the same horse.. , those jockeys purposely threw the races.. 


* Two truths: " Blackjack is a fair game of chance, a game of investment and a game of skill"  Contrary to the above "Blackjack" (the topic).