Casino Crimes?

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  "Additional evidence on United States Casinos defrauding U.S Citizens on Blackjack, 21 games"

  Though all the reverse psychology and abuse in the schemes of things and contrary to "statements", Casinos * want perusing (*not Stratking) and all the amateur "card-counters". Why?  Because this is where Casinos scheme, make their "big-time-money" on the games of Blackjack. 

* "The big betters" ("Counters" compared to the average "Non-Counters"). Typical counting strategies require big bet spreads 1-20 x or more. These betting progressions are required and of the engineered counting systems to most Counting strategies. The higher you can bet the more money you will make.. (*or lose)  The more money wagered the more money Casinos will make. Most counters typically will give up after becoming big money losers, long term victims, short term big-money broke ("Spring Break") and after either not knowing what happened or actually realizing the fact they've been severely had. Other counters will continue "gambling" a lifetime in denial, in hiding,  other- and as total victims.

Evidence to this: Continuous shuffle machines, Continuous Shuffle Games will give players the exact same game and the exact same advantage, same odds, verses non-continuous shuffle games. If you don't Count the cards, the Continuous Shuffle Games will not make any difference in your odds of winning nor losing and will not make any difference of playing Blackjack.

The player gets the same game and the same advantage in Continuous Shuffle Blackjack providing the Rules stay the same and the same amount of decks are used.

The difference is:  in the Continuous Shuffle Blackjack Games the cards cannot be *counted by all the available popular commercial strategies sold in book stores, ebay, the market etc. KO the Omega, you name it- The Continuous Shuffle Games cannot be beaten with these strategies. The strategies as sold are not for this.
Leading blackjack expert and his experts at Stanford Wong's proved this and have stated this fact. 

- Also note: Continuous Shuffle Games are dealt much faster if desired by the casino. (The dealer does not have to shuffle..). 

- An honest casino will make more money dealing continuous Shuffle Games *and will save lots of more money if the games were dealt on video machines.  But in the scheme of things, the players don't want this..

*Less alcohol sales perhaps at the machines.. (Alcohol profits vs. Dealer paychecks?) That one is saved for you to go figure.

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